Sale Results for 1995




Other Sales

Sale Name Date(s) Code
Stallion Access 1995 January Selected Seasons and Shares Sale Jan 10 STAFEB
Arkansas Breeders' Sales Company 1995 Winter Mixed Sale Feb 6 ARKFEB
Fairgrounds Sales of Louisiana 1995 Select Two-Year-Olds Mar 14 FGSMAR
Keeneland 1995 Sale of Two-Year-Olds in Training at Retama Park, Texas Apr 11 KEETEX
Tattersalls Limited 1995 Craven Breeze-Up Sale Apr 19 TATAPR
Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (British Columbia Division) 1995 Horses of Racing Age Sale Apr 22 BRCAPR
Horsemen's Bloodstock Services 1995 Florida Two-Year-Olds Apr 22-23 HBSAPR
Thomas Sale Company Apr 22 THOAPR
Fasig-Tipton Kentucky Apr 30 FTKAPR
Churchill Downs 1995 Derby Week Sale of Horses in Training May 3 CHDMAY
National Equine Sales Company May 11 NESMAY
Fasig-Tipton New York May 16 FTNMAY
Heritage Place May 19 HERMAY
Nor-Cal Sales Company Jun 6 NCAJUN
Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society, Ontario Division 1995 Two-Year-Olds in Training Jun 15 ONTJUN
Barretts Equine Limited 1995 Sale of Two-Year-Olds in Training and Horses of Racing Age Jul 10 BARJUN
Tattersalls Limited 1995 July Mixed Sale Jul 11 TATJUL
Keeneland July, 1995 Sale of Selected Yearlings Jul 17-18 KEEJUL
Idaho Thoroughbred Breeders Association Jul 21 IDAJUL
Fasig-Tipton New York Jul 26 FTN2YO
Nebraska Thoroughbred Breeders Association Aug 5 NEBAUG
Heritage Place Aug 5 HERAUG
Stallion Access 1995 Champagne Sale of Selected Seasons and Shares Aug 11 STAAUG
Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (British Columbia Division) 1995 August Yearling Sale Aug 12 BRCAUG
California Thoroughbred Sales 1995 Del Mar Summer Invitational Yearling Sale Aug 16 CALAUG
Agence Francaise August, 1995 Deauville Yearling Aug 19 ARQAUG
Thomas Sales Company Aug 19 THOAUG
National Equine Sales Company Aug 29 NESAUG
Tattersalls Ltd., 1995 Newmarket September Sales, Horses in and out of Training Sep 1 TATSEP
Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society, Saskatchewan Division Sep 3 SASAUG
Doncaster Bloodstock Sales Limited September, 1995 Yearling Sep 5 DONSEP
Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society, Manitoba Division Sep 5 MANSEP
I.T.B.O.F. 1995 Chicago Yearling and Mixed Sale Sep 6 ILLSEP
Canadian Breeders Sales 1995 Sale of Selected Canadian-bred Yearlings Sep 7-8 ONTSEP
Genesee Valley Breeders 1995 Fall Mixed Sep 13 GENSEP
Tattersalls (Ireland) Ltd. Fairyhouse September, 1995 Yearling Sale Sep 19 TAISEP
Tattersalls Houghton September, 1995 Yearling Sale Sep 26 TATHOU
Canadian Breeders Sales Autumn Yearling and Mixed, 1995 Sep 26 ONTOCT
Fasig-Tipton Company Sep 26 FTTSEP
McDermott Ranch Dispersal, Fasig-Tipton Company Sep 26 DISMCD
Latin American Breeders 1995 Yearling Oct 1-Jan 1 PRJIME
Puerto Rico Breeders Sales Yearling, 1995 Oct 1-Jan 1 PRBOCT
Goffs Turf Club, 1995 Irish National Yearling Sale Oct 3 GOFOCT
Breeders' Sales Company of Louisiana 1995 Fall Yearling and Mixed Sale Oct 9 BSCOCT
Tattersalls Ltd. Newmarket October, 1995 Yearing Sale Oct 10 TATOCT
Virginia Tech Yearling Sale at Middleburg Oct 15 VATOCT
Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Alberta Division) 1995 Fall Mixed Sale Oct 21 ALBSEP
Texas Thoroughbred Breeders' Association 1995 October Yearling and Mixed Oct 22 TEXOCT
Tattersalls Ltd., 1995 Autumn Horses of Racing Age Oct 23 TATAUT
El Primero Training Center 1995 Horses in Training Sale Oct 24 EPTOCT
All West Sales and Racing 1995 Yearling and Mixed Sale Oct 24 AWSOCT
Tattersalls Ltd., 1995 Newmarket Autumn Yearling Sales Oct 26 TATAUY
Arkansas Breeders' Sales Company 1995 Fall Mixed Sale Oct 28 ARKNOV
Heritage Place Mixed Sale at Retama Park Nov 10 HERRET
Stallion Access 1995 Fall Sale of Selected Seasons and Shares Nov 14 STANOV
Fasig-Tipton New York Nov 21 FTNNOV
Goffs Turf Club, 1995 November Premier Foal & Breeding Stock Sale Nov 23 GOFNOV
Tattersalls Ltd., 1995 Newmarket December Yearling Sales Nov 27 TATDEY
Tattersalls Ltd., 1995 Newmarket December Sales of Foals Nov 29 TATFOA
Washington Thoroughbred Breeders Association Dec 2-3 WASDEC
Tattersalls Ltd. 1995 December Sales Dec 4 TATDEC
L'Agence Francaise 1995 Deauville December Breeding Stock Sale Dec 11 ARQDEC