Sale Results for 1985




Other Sales

Sale Name Date(s) Code
Southwest Equine Sales Winter Mixed at Blackham Coliseum Jan 12 SWEJAN
Matchmaker January Selected Seasons and Shares Sale Jan 13 MATJAN
Complete Dispersal, Estate of Alan R. Novick Jan 16 DISARN
California Thoroughbred Breeders' Association 1985 Winter Mixed Sale Jan 21 CALJAN
Horsemen's Sales Company Winter Horses of All Ages Jan 22 HSNJAN
Fasig-Tipton Eastern Winter Mixed at Timonium Feb 3 FTMFEB
Arkansas Breeders' Sales Company 1985 Winter Mixed Sale Feb 16 ARKFEB
Maryland February Mixed Feb 17 MSAFEB
Fasig-Tipton Florida Horses of Racing Age at Calder Feb 21 FTFHRA
Ocala Breeders Hialeah Horses of Racing Age Mar 10 OBSHRA
California Thoroughbred Sales 1985 Selected Two-Year-Olds in Training Sale Mar 18 CALMAR
Hits Parade Invitational Two Year Olds in Trainingat Fair Grounds Mar 26 HPSMAR
Horsemen's Sales Co.,Spring Horses of All Ages Mar 26 HSNMAR
Maryland Sales Agency Horses of Racing Age Mar 28 MSAMAR
Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Sales Co., Annual Open Mixed Sale Apr 9 LOUAPR
Southwest Equine Sales Two Year Olds and Horses ofRacing Age at Evangeline Downs Apr 20 SWEAPR
Fasig-Tipton Louisiana 2YO's in Training Sale Apr 21 FTLAPR
Fasig-Tipton Horses of Racing Age at Belmont Apr 23 FTNAPR
Fasig-Tipton Maryland Eastern Spring Two-Year-Oldsin Training Apr 28 FTMMAY
Fasig-Tipton Kentucky 2YO's in Training Sale May 2 FTKMAY
Illinois Preferred Two-Year-Olds in Training May 11 ILLMAY
Fasig-Tipton Louisiana Two-Year-Olds in Training May 14 FTLMAY
Breeders' Sales Company of Massachusetts 1985 Two-Year-Olds in Training Sale May 14 BSCMAY
Horsemen's Sales Company Spring Classic Two-Year- Olds in Training at Monmouth Park May 14 HSNMAY
Maryland Sales Agency, Inc. 2YO's in Training Sale May 19 MSAMAY
California Thoroughbred Sales Co., Inc. Spring Sale of 2YO's in Training and Horses of Racing Age May 21 CALMAY
Fasig-Tipton New York Saratoga 2YO's in Training Sale May 21 FTNMAY
Nebraska Thoroughbred Breeders' Two-Year-Olds in Jun 10 NEBJUN
Fasig-Tipton Horses of Racing Age at Belmont Jun 11 FTNJUN
Thoroughbred Sales Company Annual June Mixed Jun 29 TSOJUN
Maryland Sales Agency Two-Year-Olds in Training and Horses of Racing Age Jun 30 MSAJUN
Keeneland July Select Yearling Sale Jul 22 KEEJUL
Keeneland July Yearling Sale Jul 24 KEEJUL
Ruidoso-Sunland Sale Co. 1985 Summer Select Thoroughbred Yearling Sale Jul 25 RUIJUL
Dallas Classic Inaugural Mixed Aug 4 DALAUG
Fasig-Tipton California Summer Yearling Sale Aug 5 FTCAUG
Horsemen's Sales Co. Summer Yearlings at Saratoga Aug 5 HSNAUG
Maryland Sales Agency August Mixed Aug 11 MSAAUG
California Thoroughbred Sales 1985 Del Mar Summer Invitational Yearling Sale Aug 13 CALAUG
Arkansas Breeders' Sales Company 1985 Summer Mixed Sale Aug 17 ARKAUG
British Columbia Summer Yearling at Milner Downs Aug 18 BRCAUG
Maryland Selected Yearling Sale Aug 18 MSAAUG
Fasig-Tipton Louisiana Summer Yearling Aug 24 FTLAUG
Arlington Sales Co. 1985 Budweiser-Arlington Million Selected Yearling Sale Aug 25 ASCAUG
Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society Yearling at Aug 26 MANAUG
Ohio Thoroughbred Sales Company Fall Mixed Sale Aug 31 OHIAUG
Woodbine Sales Company September Yearling Sale Sep 3 ONTSEP
Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association of Texas Select Yearling Sale Sep 4 TEXSEP
Fasig-Tipton Kentucky Fall Preferred Yearling Sale Sep 6 FTKSEP
Fasig-Tipton Kentucky September Yearling Sale Sep 15 FTKSEP
Horsemen's Sales Company Horses of Racing Age at Sep 17 HSNSEP
California Thoroughbred Sales Fall Mixed at Hollywood Park Sep 21 CALSEP
Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Sales Co., Inc. Sep 30 LOUOCT
Woodbine Sales Autumn Mixed at Woodbine Oct 1 ONTOCT
Thoroughbred Sales Company Annual October Mixed Oct 5 TSOOCT
Illinois Registered Yearlings and Fall Mixed Oct 5 ILLOCT
Midwest Thoroughbred First Annual Fall Mixed Oct 6 MTSOCT
Fasig-Tipton Maryland Eastern Fall Mixed at Timonium Oct 13 FTMMIX
Fasig-Tipton Midlantic 1985 October Yearling Sale Oct 14 FTMOCT
Nebraska Thoroughbred Breeders' Mixed at Fonner Oct 15 NEBOCT
Fasig-Tipton Horses of Racing Age and Yearling at Belmont Oct 15 FTNOCT
Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society Mixed at Spruce Meadows Oct 21 BRCOCT
Fasig-Tipton Louisiana Fall Mixed Oct 26 FTLOCT
Maryland Sales Agency October Mixed Oct 27 MSAOCT
Texas Thoroughbred Breeders Fall Mixed at Retama Nov 2 TEXNOV
Matchmaker November Selected Seasons and Shares Sale Nov 10 MATNOV
Complete Dispersal Newstead Farm Trust Fasig-Tipton Kentucky Nov 19 DISNEW
Horsemen's Sales Company Horses of Racing Age at Nov 19 HSNNOV
Sunbelt Mixed Thoroughbred Sale Nov 24 SUNNOV
Fasig-Tipton Horses of Racing Age at Belmont Nov 26 FTNNOV
Maryland December Mixed Dec 1 MSADEC
Washington Horse Breeders Winter Mixed Dec 7 WASDEC
Fasig-Tipton California's December Breeding Stock and Dispersal of Estate of Morris J. Mirkin Yearlings and Two Year Olds at Earl Warren Showgrounds Dec 9 FTCDEC
Horsemen's Sales Company Horses of All Ages at Dec 18 HSNDEC