Racing Leaders

The top horses, breeders, owners, trainers and jockeys by North American race earnings.

Top 100 Owners by North American Race Earnings.

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Last Updated: May 25, 2017 04:00 AM

1 Juddmonte Farms, Inc.6014107$8,258,99523%52%
2 Calumet Farm197252925$2,812,54513%40%
3 Stronach Stables6891313$2,723,71113%51%
4 Klaravich Stables, Inc. and Lawrence, William H.6817146$2,055,96025%54%
5 Reddam Racing LLC108112512$2,024,31110%44%
6 MeB Racing, Brooklyn Boyz, Teresa Viola, St Elias, Siena Farm and West Point21--$1,635,80050%50%
7John C. Oxley491083$1,617,26320%43%
8 Ramsey, Kenneth L. and Sarah K.187403627$1,489,90421%55%
9 Midwest Thoroughbreds, Inc.212483734$1,378,48323%56%
10Danny R. Caldwell182403222$1,281,48722%52%
11 Godolphin Racing LLC120201016$1,238,75917%38%
12 End Zone Athletics, Inc.331934441$1,228,96528%54%
13 Starlight Racing23315$1,124,24013%39%
14 Loooch Racing Stables, Inc. and Imaginary Stables15521$1,095,43133%53%
15 Sumaya U.S. Stable21112-$1,060,08252%62%
16 Repole Stable97262016$1,057,49727%64%
17Brad Grady35953$1,055,17726%49%
18 Judge Lanier Racing184232327$1,018,15813%40%
19 Moss, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome S.31464$1,009,87013%45%
20 Live Oak Plantation681368$986,80919%40%
21 Rockingham Ranch8423912$967,58627%52%
22Gary Barber95211311$966,53222%47%
23 Hronis Racing LLC7281313$958,89111%47%
24 Shadwell Stable6117106$919,63328%54%
25 West, Gary and Mary7722148$914,32629%57%
26 Broman, Sr., Chester and Mary6613108$811,12120%47%
27 D P Racing138201813$809,71714%37%
28Maggi Moss114252220$805,67622%59%
29Nicholas B. Alexander6315187$792,30924%63%
30 Stonestreet Stables LLC421064$789,58924%48%
31 Three Diamonds Farm7212814$771,48217%47%
32William Stiritz143442226$771,47631%64%
33Matthew Schera6813139$750,08819%51%
34David Jacobson117241919$732,10021%53%
35 Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC129242327$728,74819%57%
36 Cheyenne Stables LLC411176$722,11827%59%
37 Keene Thoroughbreds LLC199263326$720,06613%43%
38 Zayat Stables, LLC118131416$717,96511%36%
39 Ten Strike Racing121232620$707,25819%57%
40 Drawing Away Stable153302126$704,57020%50%
41 L and N Racing LLC19153$699,9145%47%
42Isabelle de Tomaso15322$676,37020%47%
43Paul P. Pompa, Jr.211143$673,31052%86%
44 China Horse Club and Clearsky Farms312-$664,20033%100%
45 Robison, J. Kirk and Judy8316159$654,75419%48%
46Randy Howg13631$622,40646%77%
47 Brittlyn Stable, Inc.571897$619,47232%60%
48 Dream Walkin Farms, Inc.254262635$618,12910%34%
49 DARRS, Inc.24643$602,15925%54%
50 Brooklyn Boyz Stables, Teresa Viola Racing Stables et al.11--$589,000100%100%
51 Wilson, Holly and David5891111$579,74316%53%
52 Lady Sheila Stable16913$579,48056%81%
53 Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa al Maktoum85--$574,17063%63%
54Steven M. Asmussen127382516$567,61930%62%
55 Gunpowder Farms LLC496108$556,89312%49%
56G. Watts Humphrey, Jr.6411106$552,63117%42%
57 Loooch Racing Stables, Inc.178433018$532,84324%51%
58 Poindexter Thoroughbreds LLC9313811$526,11014%34%
59Martin S. Schwartz19523$524,66026%53%
60Clark O. Brewster118252318$523,64021%56%
61 Lieblong, Alex and JoAnn6010113$517,59817%40%
62 Whitham Thoroughbreds LLC27637$516,70622%59%
63Michael Dubb66111414$514,86017%59%
64 Coffeepot Stables14411$513,15529%43%
65 Ruis Racing LLC39634$511,71615%33%
66 Steve Landers Racing LLC4613811$507,59828%70%
67 Peter Redekop B. C., Ltd.6121811$499,37434%66%
68Charles E. Fipke8281111$480,23110%37%
69Thomas Julian11915189$459,68013%35%
70 Lothenbach Stables, Inc.86111812$454,41813%48%
71 Sagamore Farm33953$453,34527%52%
72 Glen Hill Farm5013108$452,50026%62%
73 Conrad Farms16353$448,30819%69%
74Patricia A. Generazio69968$444,29213%33%
75 Peacock Racing Stables, LLC5111$444,20020%60%
76 Don Alberto Stable19611$443,69632%42%
77 West Point Thoroughbreds621297$431,66519%45%
78Kendall E. Hansen40854$431,10220%43%
79 Donegal Racing32822$419,83225%38%
80 King Star82161515$419,16020%56%
81 Kaleem Shah, Inc.26443$418,52015%42%
82 Jagger Inc.92222018$415,17824%65%
83 St. Elias Stable35473$413,29011%40%
84 Fox Hill Farms, Inc.16442$403,60725%63%
85 Doubledown Stables, Inc.4410136$402,72223%66%
86 Gelfenstein Farm39836$400,93021%44%
87 Woodford Racing, LLC19532$396,46526%53%
88 Shortleaf Stable, Inc.41574$394,25512%39%
89 Fern Circle Stables20224$394,15310%40%
90 WinStar Farm LLC, China Horse Club and SF Racing LLC9421$392,94044%78%
91 Red Oak Stable (Brunetti)22513$387,43023%41%
92 Mast Thoroughbreds LLC98171821$386,93517%57%
93 Red Baron's Barn LLC932-$386,35033%56%
94 Phipps Stable425109$386,08012%57%
95Katherine G. Ball93-1$384,12033%44%
96 Our Sugar Bear Stable LLC71151110$381,98721%51%
97 Vanier, Nancy A. and Cartwright Thoroughbreds V LLC112-6$379,21118%73%
98Ben Mondello478109$378,12217%57%
99Michael Lund Petersen5311$377,48060%100%
100Tom Coulter96121511$370,45013%40%