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We see it online and on TV, read it in the newspaper, and hear it on radio. Negativity. It seems to pervade most of the incoming information we receive. One certainly doesn't have to go far to find bad news in the Thoroughbred industry. Sales, purses, handle, and horse population have all gone the wrong way in recent times. Yet, there are things that are working in the industry. The Blood-Horse decided to highlight some of the good news in the Thoroughbred industry. We're not ignoring the other stuff - we'll surely get back to it before long - but let's take a break and acknowledge some of the programs and ideas that give us a glimmer of hope as we enter a new decade.

Excerpted from the pages of The Blood-Horse magazine, this special report highlights some of the good news in the Thoroughbred industry. Featuring ten programs and ideas that give Thoroughbred racing and breeding participants a glimmer of hope for the new decade.

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