21501 Emery Rd. Cleveland, OH 44128 USA

Date Race Purse Age/Sex Dist
May 2018
Dr. T.F. Classen Memorial S. R $75,000a 3&up, f/m 6f Details
Michael F. Rowland Memorial H. R $75,000g 3&up 6f Details
June 2018
Michael G. Mackey Memorial Angenora S. (BT) $75,000a 3&up, f/m 6f Details
George Lewis Memorial S. R $75,000 3&up 9f
J. William Petro Memorial H. R $75,000 3&up, f/m 8.5f
Ohio Derby (G3) $500,000 3yos 9f
Ohio Derby $500,000 3yo, 9f
Daniel Stearns Cleveland Gold Cup R $75,000 3yo, 9f
July 2018
Miss Ohio S R $75,000 2yo, f 5.5f
August 2018
Cleveland Kindergarten S R $75,000 2yo, 6f
Honey Jay S R $75,000 3&up, 6f
Pay the Man S R $75,000 3&up, f/m 9f
Lady Jacqueline S $200,000 3&up, f/m 9f
Governor's Buckeye Cup R $75,000 3&up, 10f
September 2018
Scarlet and Gray H R $75,000 3&up, f/m 6f
Catlaunch S R $75,000 3&up, 8.5f
Emerald Necklace S R $75,000 2yo, f 6f
Diana S R $75,000 3&up, f/m 6f
October 2018
John W. Galbreath S R $150,000 2yo, f 8.5f
Juvenile S R $150,000 2yo, 8.5f
Best of Ohio Sprint S R $150,000 3&up, 6f
Best of Ohio Endurance S R $150,000 3&up, 10f
Best of Ohio Distaff S R $150,000 3&up, f/m 9f
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