Aqueduct Racetrack

110th Street & Rockaway Blvd Ozone Park , NY 11417 USA

Date Race Purse Age/Sex Dist
January 2018
Say Florida Sandy S. R $100,000g 4&up 7f Details
Jerome S. $150,000g 3yos 8f Details
East View S. $100,000g 3yos, Fillies 8f Details
Damon Runyon S. $100,000g 3yos 8f Details
Interborough S. $100,000g 4&up, f/m 7f Details
Bay Ridge S. $100,000 4&up, f/m 9f
La Verdad S. $100,000 4&up, f/m 7f
Jazil S. $100,000 4&up 9f
Busanda S $100,000 3yo, f 9f
Ladies H $100,000 4&up, f/m 9f
Toboggan S $100,000 4&up, 7f
Ruthless S $100,000 3yo, f 7f
February 2018
Withers S $250,000 3yo, 9f
Biogio's Rose S R $100,000 4&up, f/m 8f
Jimmy Winkfield S $150,000 3yo, 7f
Rego Park S R $100,000 3yo, 6f
Haynesfield S R $100,000 4&up, 8f
Broadway S R $100,000 4&up, f/m 6f
Gander S R $100,000 3yo, 8f
Hollie Hughes H R $100,000 4&up, 6f
Franklin Square S R $100,000 3yo, f 6f
March 2018
Busher S $200,000 3yo, f 8f
Gotham S $300,000 3yo, 8f
Stymie S $150,000 4&up, 8f
Tom Fool H $200,000 4&up, 6f
Heavenly Prize Invitational $150,000 4&up, f/m 8f
Correction S $100,000 4&up, f/m 6f
Maddie May S R $100,000 3yo, f 8f
Cicada S $100,000 3yo, f 6f
Videogenic S R $55,000 4&up, f/m 6f
Kelly Kip S R $55,000 4&up, 6f
Xtra Heat S R $70,000 4&up, f/m 6f
Mr. Sinatra R $90,000 4&up, 9f
Caixa Eletronica R $80,000 4&up, 7f
Stud Muffin R $75,000 4&up, 8f
More to Tell S R $60,000 4&up, 8f
Sis City S R $60,000 4&up, f/m 8f
Peeping Tom S R $70,000 4&up, 6f
Karakorum Elektra S R $80,000 4&up, f/m 7f
April 2018
Distaff H $150,000 4&up, f/m 7f
Bay Shore S $250,000 3yo, 7f
Gazelle S $300,000 3yo, f 9f
Carter H $400,000 4&up, 7f
Excelsior S $150,000 4&up, 9f
Wood Memorial S $750,000 3yo, 9f
Danger's Hour S $100,000 4&up, 8f T
Plenty of Grace S $100,000 4&up, f/m 8f T
Bridgetown S $100,000 3yo, 6f T
Top Flight Invitational H $200,000 4&up, f/m 9f
Mizdirection S $100,000 3yo, f 6f T
New York Stallion S R $100,000 3yo, f 6.5f
Woodhaven S $100,000 3yo, 8.5f T
Memories of Silver S $100,000 3yo, f 8.5f T
New York Stallion S R $100,000 3yo, 6.5f
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