555 Rexdale Blvd Toronto , ON M9W 5L2 CAN

Date Race Purse Age/Sex Dist
April 2017
Jacques Cartier S. $75,040g 4&up 6f Details
Star Shoot S. $75,040g 3yos, Fillies 6f Details
Woodstock S. $74,090g 3yos 6f Details
Whimsical S. (G3) $92,613g 4&up, f/m 6f Details
Fury S. R $91,538g 3yos, Fillies 7f Details
May 2017
New Providence S. R $91,563g 3&up 6f Details
Wando S. $73,250g 3yos 8.5f Details
Queenston S. R $91,163g 3yos 7f Details
Ballade S. R $91,163g 3&up, f/m 6f Details
Eclipse S. (G2) $129,518g 4&up 8.5f Details
Selene S. (G3) $92,513g 3yos, Fillies 8.5f Details
Steady Growth S. R $92,513g 3&up 8.5f Details
Lady Angela S. R $92,963g 3yos, Fillies 7f Details
Nassau S. (G2T) $130,148g 3&up, f/m 8f T Details
Marine S. (G3) $92,963g 3yos 8.5f Details
June 2017
Connaught Cup S. (G2T) $129,763g 4&up 7f T Details
Hendrie S. (G3) $92,688g 4&up, f/m 6.5f Details
Achievement S. R $92,813g 3&up 6f Details
Alywow S. $74,250g 3yos, Fillies 6.5f T Details
Plate Trial S. R $92,813g 3yos 9f Details
Woodbine Oaks Presented by Budweiser R $371,250g 3yos, Fillies 9f Details
Trillium S. $75,680g 3&up, f/m 8.5f Details
My Dear S. $75,380g 2 yo, Fillies 5f Details
Bold Ruckus S. R $94,225g 3yos 6f T Details
July 2017
Zadracarta S. $77,130g 3&up, f/m 7f T Details
Ontario Damsel S. R $96,413g 3yos, Fillies 8f T Details
Dominion Day S. (G3) $96,413g 3&up 10f Details
Highlander S. (G2T) $192,825g 3&up 6f T Details
King Edward S. (G2T) $134,978g 3&up 8f T Details
Singspiel S. (G3T) $96,413g 3&up 12f T Details
Dance Smartly S. (G2T) $134,978g 3&up, f/m 10f T Details
Queen's Plate S. R $771,300g 3yos 10f Details
Charlie Barley S. $77,130g 3yos 8f T Details
Victoria S. $77,650g 2 yo 5f Details
Bison City S. R $174,713g 3yos, Fillies 8.5f Details
Ontario Jockey Club S. $78,600g 3yos 6f Details
Duchess S. $79,070g 3yos, Fillies 7f Details
Vigil S. (G3) $98,838g 3&up 7f Details
Ontario Matron S. (G3) $99,688g 3&up, f/m 8.5f Details
Toronto Cup S. $79,750g 3yos 9f T Details
Shady Well S. R $99,688g 2 yo, Fillies 5.5f Details
Nijinsky S. (G2T) $140,753g 3&up 10f T Details
Royal North S. (G3T) $100,538g 3&up, f/m 6f T Details
Victoriana S. R $100,538g 3&up, f/m 8.5f T Details
Wonder Where S. R $180,968g 3yos, Fillies 10f T Details
August 2017
Passing Mood S. R $99,688g 3yos, Fillies 7f Details
Clarendon S. R $98,813g 2 yo 5.5f Details
Nandi S. R $98,813g 2 yo, Fillies 5.5f Details
Flaming Page S. $78,460g 3&up, f/m 12f T Details
Shepperton S. R $98,613g 3&up 6.5f Details
Seagram Cup S. (G3) $98,613g 3&up 8.5f Details
Eternal Search S. R $97,988g 3yos, Fillies 8.5f Details
Play the King S. (G2T) $139,055g 3&up 7f T Details
Sky Classic S. (G2T) $139,055g 3&up 11f T Details
Breeders' S. R $317,840g 3yos 12f T Details
Seaway S. (G3) $100,138g 3&up, f/m 7f Details
Ontario Colleen S. (G3T) $100,138g 3yos, Fillies 8f T Details
OLG/OR Halton S. Presented by Tipperary Equestrian $99,900g 3&up 12f T Details
OLG/OR Elgin S. Presented by Bear Stables $99,900g 3&up, Colts and Fillies 8.5f Details
OLG/OR Algoma S. Presented by Adena Springs Canada $99,900g 3&up, f/m 8.5f Details
OLG/OR Muskoka S. Presented by Signature Red $159,840g 2 yo, Fillies 6.5f Details
OLG/OR Simcoe S. Presented by Samuel, Son and Co. Limited $159,840g 2 yo, Colts and Fillies 6.5f Details
OLG/OR Kenora S. Presented by HBPA of Ontario $99,900g 3&up 6f Details
September 2017
Belle Mahone S. $80,670g 3&up, f/m 8.5f Details
Colin S. $80,670g 2 yo 6f Details
King Corrie S. $80,670g 3yos 6.5f Details
Ontario Debutante S. $82,250g 2 yo, Fillies 6f Details
La Prevoyante S. R $102,813g 3yos, Fillies 8f T Details
Bold Venture S. (G3) $102,500g 3&up 6.5f Details
Canadian S. (G2T) $205,000g 3&up, f/m 9f T Details
Northern Dancer Turf S. (G1T) $246,000g 3&up 12f T Details
Ricoh Woodbine Mile S. (G1T) $656,000g 3&up 8f T Details
Summer S. (G2T) $164,000g 2 yo 8f T Details
Sweet Briar Too S. $82,000g 3&up, f/m 6.5f Details
Natalma S. (G1T) $205,000g 2 yo, Fillies 8f T Details
Vice Regent S. R $101,313g 3yos 8f T Details
Classy 'n Smart S. R $101,313g 3&up, f/m 8.5f Details
La Lorgnette S $100,000 3yo, f 8.5f
Durham Cup S $125,000 3&up, 9f
October 2017
Grey S $125,000 2yo, 8.5f
Mazarine S $125,000 2yo, f 8.5f
Cup and Saucer S R $225,000 2yo, 8.5f T
Ruling Angel S $100,000 3yo, f 6.5f
Bull Page S R $125,000 2yo, c/g 6f
Victorian Queen S R $125,000 2yo, f 6f
Nearctic S $250,000 3&up, 6f T
Ontario Derby $125,000 3yo, 9f
E.P. Taylor S $500,000 3&up, f/m 10f T
Pattison Canadian International $800,000 3&up, 12f T
Bunty Lawless S R $125,000 3&up, 8f T
Carotene S R $125,000 3yo, f 9f T
Ontario Fashion S $125,000 3&up, f/m 6f
Princess Elizabeth S R $225,000 2yo, f 8.5f
Overskate S R $125,000 3&up, 7f
November 2017
River Memories S $100,000 3&up, f/m 8f T
Labeeb S $100,000 3&up, 8f T
Maple Leaf S $125,000 3&up, f/m 10f
Coronation Futurity R $225,000 2yo, 9f
Jammed Lovely S R $125,000 3yo, f 7f
Autumn S $175,000 3&up, 8.5f
South Ocean S R $125,000 2yo, f 8.5f
Frost King S R $125,000 2yo, 7f
Glorious Song S $100,000 2yo, f 7f
Kennedy Road S $175,000 3&up, 6f
Bessarabian S $175,000 3&up, f/m 7f
December 2017
Display S $100,000 2yo, 8.5f
Sir Barton S R $125,000 3&up, 8.5f
Ontario Lassie S R $125,000 2yo, f 8.5f
Kingarvie S R $125,000 2yo, 8.5f
Valedictory S $125,000 3&up, 14f
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