Gulfstream Park

Date Race Purse Age/Sex Dist
January 2018
Abundantia S. (BT) $75,000g 4&up, f/m 5f T Details
Janus S. (BT) $75,000g 4&up 5f T Details
Limehouse S. (BT) $75,000g 3yos 6f Details
Glitter Woman S. (BT) $75,000g 3yos, Fillies 6f Details
Kitten's Joy S. (BT) $100,000g 3yos 7.5f T Details
Ginger Brew S. (BT) $100,000g 3yos, Fillies 7.5f T Details
Mucho Macho Man S. (BT) $100,000g 3yos 8f Details
Marshua's River S. (G3T) $150,000g 4&up, f/m 8.5f T Details
Ft. Lauderdale S. (G2T) $200,000g 4&up 8.5f T Details
Sunshine Millions Classic S. (BT) $200,000g 4&up 9f Details
Sunshine Millions Turf S. (BT) $150,000g 4&up 8.5f T Details
Sunshine Millions Filly and Mare Turf S. (BT) $150,000g 4&up, f/m 8.5f T Details
Sunshine Millions Sprint S. (BT) $100,000g 4&up 6f Details
La Prevoyante H. (G3T) $200,000g 4&up, f/m 12f T Details
Ladies' Turf Sprint S. (BT) $175,000g 4&up, f/m 5f T Details
Fred W. Hooper S. (G3) $175,000g 4&up 8f Details
W. L. McKnight H. (G3T) $200,000g 4&up 12f T Details
Hurricane Bertie S. (G3) $175,000g 4&up, f/m 7f Details
Gulfstream Park Turf Sprint S. (BT) $175,000g 4&up 5f T Details
South Beach S. (BT) $125,000g 4&up, f/m 7.5f T Details
Pegasus World Cup Invitational S. (G1) $16,300,000a 4&up 9f Details
February 2018
Swale S. (G3) $200,000g 3yos 7f Details
Sweetest Chant S. (G3T) $100,000g 3yos, Fillies 8f T Details
Forward Gal S. (G3) $200,000g 3yos, Fillies 7f Details
Dania Beach S. (G3T) $100,000g 3yos 8f T Details
Holy Bull S. (G2) $350,000g 3yos 8.5f Details
Gulfstream Park Turf S. (G1T) $300,000g 4&up 9f T Details
Suwannee River S. (G3T) $150,000g 4&up, f/m 9f T Details
Trust Buster S. R $50,000g 4&up 6f Details
Lady Bird S. R $50,000g 4&up, f/m 7f Details
Rail Splitter S. R $60,000g 4&up 6.5f Details
Mrs. Presidentress S. R $60,000g 3yos, Fillies 7.5f T Details
American Fabius S. R $60,000g 3yos 7f Details
Old Man Eloquent S. R $60,000g 4&up 8.5f T Details
Rough and Ready S. R $50,000g 4&up 8f Details
Sage of Monticello S. R $60,000g 3yos 7.5f T Details
Mary Todd S. R $60,000g 4&up, f/m 8.5f T Details
Old Hickory S. R $60,000g 4&up 8.5f Details
Little Magician S. R $50,000g 4&up 8f T Details
Royal Delta S. (G3) $200,000g 4&up, f/m 8f Details
Texas Glitter S. (BT) $75,000g 3yos 5f T Details
Hal's Hope S. (G3) $100,000g 4&up 8f Details
Melody of Colors S. (BT) $75,000g 3yos, Fillies 5f T Details
March 2018
The Very One S. (G3T) $150,000g 4&up, f/m 9.5f T Details
Sand Springs S. (BT) $100,000g 4&up, f/m 8f T Details
Palm Beach S. (G3T) $100,000g 3yos 8.5f T Details
Herecomesthebride S. (G3T) $100,000g 3yos, Fillies 8.5f T Details
Davona Dale S. (G2) $200,000g 3yos, Fillies 8f Details
Canadian Turf S. (G3T) $150,000g 4&up 8f T Details
Gulfstream Park Sprint S. (G3) $100,000g 4&up 6.5f Details
Mac Diarmida S. (G2T) $200,000g 4&up 11f T Details
Xpressbet Fountain of Youth S. (G2) $400,000g 3yos 8.5f Details
Silks Run S. (BT) $75,000g 4&up 5f T Details
Captiva Island S. (BT) $75,000g 4&up, f/m 5f T Details
Inside Information S. (G2) $200,000 4&up, f/m 7f
Hutcheson S $100,000 3yo, 6f
Any Limit S $75,000 3yo, f 6f Florida Derby $1,000,000 3yo, 9f
Gulfstream Park Hardacre Mile $300,000 4&up, 8f
Gulfstream Park Oaks $300,000 3yo, f 8.5f
Honey Fox S $250,000 4&up, f/m 8f T
Pan American S $250,000 4&up, 12f T
Cutler Bay S $150,000 3yo, 8f T
Sanibel Island S $150,000 3yo, f 8f T
April 2018
Roar S R $75,000 3yo, 7f
Game Face S R $75,000 3yo, f 7f
Powder Break S $75,000 3&up, f/m 8f T
May 2018
Honey Ryder S $75,000 3yo, f 8.5f T
English Channel S $75,000 3yo, 8.5f T
Big Drama S R $100,000 3&up, 7f
Musical Romance S R $100,000 3&up, f/m 7f
June 2018
Soldier's Dancer S R $100,000 3&up, 8.5f T
Ginger Punch S R $100,000 3&up, f/m 8.5f T
Azalea S $75,000 3yo, f 7f
Bob Umphrey Turf Sprint H $75,000 3&up, 5f T
Carry Back S $75,000 3yo, 7f
Princess Rooney H $250,000 3&up, f/m 7f
Smile Sprint H $250,000 3&up, 6f
July 2018
Not Surprising S $100,000 3yo, 8f T
Martha Washington S $100,000 3yo, f 8f T
August 2018
Desert Vixen S R $100,000 2yo, f 6f
Dr. Fager S R $100,000 2yo, 6f
Benny the Bull S R $100,000 3&up, 7f
September 2018
Affirmed S R $200,000 2yo, 7f
Susan's Girl S R $200,000 2yo, f 7f
Proud Man S $100,000 2yo, 7.5f T
Sharp Susan S $100,000 2yo, f 7.5f T
Sheer Drama S R $100,000 3&up, f/m 7f
Miss Gracie $75,000 3yo, f 7.5f T
Bear's Den S $75,000 3yo, 7.5f T
In Reality S R $400,000 2yo, 8.5f
My Dear Girl S R $400,000 2yo, f 8.5f
Armed Forces S $75,000 2yo, 8f T
Our Dear Peggy S $75,000 2yo, f 8f T
Hollywood Beach S $75,000 2yo, 5f T
Monroe S $75,000 3&up, f/m 8.5f T
Mr. Steele S $75,000 3&up, 8.5f T
Wildcat Heir S R $150,000 3&up, 8f
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