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  • Retired Jockey, Trainer Malen Dies at 93

    After spending his life around horses, Jess Lester Malen died in the city that calls itself the Horse Capital of the World. A retired jockey and trainer, Malen, 93, originally from Nebraska City, Neb., died Sunday, Aug. 3.

  • Normandy Invasion Veterans Meet the Horse

    World War II veteran Alan Reeves had some advice for Fox Hill Farm's Rick Porter on May 3 when he and three other veterans of the Normandy Invasion visited Barn 42 where Kentucky Derby contender Normandy Invasion is stabled.

  • Normandy Invasion

    Haskin: Normandy Invasion Revisited

    The four unknowingly helped inspire the name of Kentucky Derby contender Normandy Invasion, along with the other thousands of brave soldiers who participated in the historic events of June 6, 1944.