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  • Rare White Foal a Patchen Wilkes Specialty

    Get to know the stunning white foal that Patchen Wilkes Farm welcomed on Super Bowl Sunday. Though white Thoroughbreds are rare, Patchen Wilkes specializes in breeding and raising white racehorses in Lexington, Ky. Courtesy America's Best Racing

  • Only registered white Thoroughbred stallion in North America moves to Kentucky.

    White Thoroughbred Sire Moved to Lexington

    Arctic White turned four years old in 2003 and became the only Jockey Club registered white Thoroughbred stallion in North America. Thursday, he moved from Oregon to Kentucky to stand at Lexington's newest Thoroughbred farm, Shadow Mountain Stallions.

  • Patchen Beauty, and her white colt foaled April 5.

    White, Just Like Mom

    Patchen Beauty, the rare white Thoroughbred mare who garnered a lot of attention when she competed on the Kentucky circuit in the mid-1990s, produced a white colt on April 5 at Warren Rosenthal's Patchen Wilkes Farm near Lexington, Ky.

  • Two white horses are displayed on Painted Desert Farm's Web site.

    Knight's Whites: Oregon Farm Finds Unique Niche

    At her high desert ranch, Dalene Knight can't help but dream of a white-hot year. That's white like the snow that dusts her Painted Desert Farm near Redmond in eastern Oregon. And white like the Thoroughbreds that run in her fields.