Keyword: Water Hay Oats Alliance

  • Terry Finley

    West Point's Finley Joins Water Hay Oats Alliance

    Finley shared his thoughts on supporting the Water Hay Oats Alliance's call for legislation that would have the United States Anti-Doping Association oversee racing's drug testing. Finley's thoughts, provided in a WHOA release, follow:

  • Bradley Weisbord with Tepin

    BSW Bloodstock's Weisbord Joins WHOA

    Following are comments from Bradley Weisbord, founder of BSW Bloodstock and Elite Sales, upon joining the Water Hay Oats Alliance, which supports federal legislation that would give oversight of the sport's drug testing to USADA.

  • James Delahooke

    Delahooke Supports Water Hay Oats Alliance

    International Bloodstock Agent, James Delahooke has thrown his support behind the efforts of the Water Hay Oats Alliance to ban the use of performance enhancing drugs in U.S. horse racing.

  • Walt Robertson has stayed busy in retirement

    Walt Robertson Joins WHOA

    "Uniform testing and enforcement throughout all racing jurisdictions in this country provide the industry the opportunity to improve the perception of horse racing and its integrity," Robertson said.

  • Commentary: Saving, Not Destroying the House

    Arthur Hancock III responds to accusations that supporters of a federal role in curbing medication use in racehorses are hurting the sport. These actions are necessary to save racing, he says.

  • Commentary: Unintended Consequences

    Ed Martin, president of the Association of Racing Commissioners International, discusses concerns about increased federal involvement in regulating racing.

  • Equine Veterinarian Priest Joins WHOA

    Prominent equine veterinarian Dr. Gary T. Priest has joined the Water Hay Oats Alliance, noting that he favors therapeutic medications for horses, but agrees they should be discontinued several days before a horse races.

  • Federal Bill Expected for Drug Regulation

    Racing industry officials said they again expect to see federal legislation filed this year that would authorize the United States Anti-Doping Agency to oversee equine medication and drug testing procedures.

  • Travis Tygart

    USADA Chief: Independent Testing Necessary

    The head of the United States Anti-Doping Agency Aug. 11 outlined how the organization could assist the Thoroughbred racing industry should its factions come together and push for federal legislation.