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  • Cartier Racing Awards 2014 - Kingman

    Check out this behind the scenes video of Europe's Cartier awards. Listen to Kingman's Horse of the Year acceptance speech from Juddmonte's Douglas Erskine-Crum. Also, commentary by Trainer John Gosden, Juddmonte's Philip Mitchell, and Cartier's Arnaud Bamberger. Speeches begin at the 2:25 min. mark.

  • Haskin: Ghosts of Press Boxes Past

    The press box. The name evokes images of veteran reporters, sleeves rolled up, sitting behind their Underwood typewriters in a cloud of cigar or cigarette smoke, pounding out stories, scoops, columns, and features.

  • Broadcasters Added to Turf Writers Group

    The National Turf Writers Association has approved changes in the organization's official bylaws to open its membership to professional broadcasters and to rename the association to reflect its broader membership.