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  • Arlington 'Super Testing' Leads to Positives

    "Super testing" conducted early in this year's Arlington Park meet resulted in 26 positives for prednisone but found no evidence of other prohibited substances, according to the Illinois Racing Board.

  • Therapeutic Medications Next on 'Super-Test' List

    Therapeutic medications will be the focus of the next round of "Super-Testing," the results of which should be available the first week of December during the University of Arizona Symposium on Racing. More than 500 blind samples remain to be tested for Class 4 medications.

  • Drug Task Force to Discuss 'Super Testing' Results

    More than 700 samples have been reviewed through the National Thoroughbred Racing Association's "super testing" program, with another 1,100 on the way before an Aug. 1 deadline. But in the absence of national equine medication rules, the "calling of positives" will depend upon the jurisdiction.

  • Chemists: Drug Super Tests Could Create Nightmare

    In a letter to the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, a group of chemists and veterinarians who form the Testing Integrity Program has warned that "super testing," as it is called, could create a public relations nightmare for the racing industry should the betting public believe use of illegal medications is rampant.