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  • Registration Deadline Approaches

    The Jockey Club has issued a reminder that the requirements for registration of unregistered yearlings and 2-year-olds must be completed by Dec. 31 to avoid additional late registration fees.

  • HKJC Partnership Zeroes In on Registration

    The Hong Kong Jockey Club Sept. 22 announced a partnership with the China Horse Industry Association, the mainland authority that oversees horse registration, equine drug testing, and the development of veterinary care.

  • Rulings: Horses Not Ohio-Registered

    The board of stewards at River Downs has ruled two Thoroughbreds -- one of which had earned more than $100,000 -- aren't registered Ohio-bred horses, and their owners must repay the earnings.

  • Mare, Foal Reports Due to Jockey Club

    With the breeding and foaling seasons nearing conclusion, The Jockey Club reminds owners and breeders to submit reports of mares bred and live foal reports.

  • AQHA Lifts Embryo Transfer Registration Ban Entirely

    The American Quarter Horse Association has eliminated all restrictions regarding the registration of foals produced through embryo transfer as part of an out-of-court settlement with a coalition of breeders. The ruling could affect the rules of other registries, including The Jockey Club.

  • AQHA Settles Embryo Transfer Lawsuit

    The American Quarter Horse Association reached an out-of-court settlement Tuesday that will allow horse breeders to register embryo-transfer foals.

  • Foal Papers Denied for AI-bred Palominos, Case Heading to Court

    The Jockey Club will not reinstate the foal registration papers of four rare Palomino Thoroughbreds because they were bred by artificial insemination. The breeder, who believes she is the victim of selective prosecution, intends to pursue the case further in a in New York courtroom.

  • Jockey Club Launches AI Inquiry, Sets Separate Hearing

    The Jockey Club has launched an inquiry into whether artificial insemination was used at Valley Creek Farm in California, which is co-owned by Jack Liebau, one of its members. Additionally, the Jockey Club has agreed to conduct a hearing into the fraudulent registration of four Palomino Thoroughbreds.

  • Ray Paulick<br>Editor in Chief

    Brothers in Arms

    <i>By Ray Paulick</i> -- A recent legal challenge by a group of Quarter Horse breeders could weaken the AQHA's ability to enforce its rules and regulations, and it's conceivable an adverse court ruling eventually may impact The Jockey Club and other breed registries.