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  • E. J. Perrodin

    Perrodin Recovering From Injuries

    Veteran Louisiana-based jockey E.J. Perrodin had successful surgery Nov. 27 at University Hospital to repair a cracked pelvis, but still faces a lengthy recovery following injuries sustained last week at Fair Grounds.

  • Dan Liebman

    Commentary: Rough Ride

    <i>By - Dan Liebman</i> - In some ways, jockeys are no different than coal miners, oil-rig workers, and police and firemen. There is inherent risk in their everyday job. But you can't think about the risk. To dwell on it would make the job impossible to perform.

  • E. J. Perrodin

    Perrodin Remains in Intensive Care

    Veteran jockey E.J. Perrodin remained in intensive care at Tulane Medical Center Nov. 24 as a result of injuries sustained prior to the previous day at Fair Grounds.

  • E. J. Perrodin

    Jockey Perrodin Hospitalized

    Jockey E.J. Perrodin was thrown from his mount prior to the 10th race Nov. 23 at Fair Grounds and was taken to a New Orleans-area hospital for observation.