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  • David J. Stern

    Former NBA Chief to Speak at Conference

    Former NBA commissioner David J. Stern will discuss the building of the NBA brand and how it relates to Thoroughbred racing during a question-and-answer session at the Pan American Conference June 4-5 in New York City.

  • Feds Continue Fight Against Bookmaking

    While it's difficult to determine if their efforts are making much of a dent in illegal bookmaking in the U.S., federal law enforcement officials have been busy the past few years prosecuting these sports wagering operations.

  • Ray Paulick<br>Editor-in-Chief

    Commentary: Scandalous

    <i>By Ray Paulick</i> - Racing has no commissioner, so when a substance, possibly cobra venom, was found in a trainer's barn a month ago, there is no swift and decisive action, only inaction.

  • NBC's Loss of NBA Could Affect Triple Crown Ratings

    NBC, which enjoyed solid ratings in its inaugural year of covering racing's Triple Crown in 2001, partially due to cross-promoting the races with its NBA playoff games, will no longer be televising NBA games when its current contract runs out in the spring of 2002.