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  • Proposals Sought on Equine ID Project

    The Equine Species Working Group, the designated United States Department of Agriculture working group for horses on the issue of the National Animal Identification System, is soliciting proposals in the area of equine identification related to equine health and disease control.

  • Three Chimneys Vet Addresses Australian X-Ray Seminar

    By Bronwyn Farr<p>Veterinarians should select racehorses at auction, not "radiographically clean horses," Three Chimneys' resident veterinarian Dr. Jim Morehead told Australia's leading equine veterinarians at a yearling radiographic seminar Aug. 18 at Sydney University.

  • Endoscopic Exams Indicate Racing Potential

    Recent research indicates that endoscopic examination of yearlings can help determine their eventual racing success. However, research also showed certain abnormalities that in the past were considered indicators of poor performance were not predictive of actual athletic performance in the adult horse.