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  • Courts May Settle Artificial Insemination Debate

    Thoroughbred breeders who are happy with the industry's staunch opposition to artificial insemination and embryo transfer should not get too comfortable. Pending legal action against the AQHA and The Jockey Club have the potential to wrest from breed registries control over their own rules.

  • Foal Papers Denied for AI-bred Palominos, Case Heading to Court

    The Jockey Club will not reinstate the foal registration papers of four rare Palomino Thoroughbreds because they were bred by artificial insemination. The breeder, who believes she is the victim of selective prosecution, intends to pursue the case further in a in New York courtroom.

  • Hearing Set for Palomino AI Case

    A hearing between the Jockey Club and a Palomino Thoroughbred breeder who feels she had registration documents revoked unfairly has been set for Aug. 9 in Lexington, Ky.

  • Jockey Club Launches AI Inquiry, Sets Separate Hearing

    The Jockey Club has launched an inquiry into whether artificial insemination was used at Valley Creek Farm in California, which is co-owned by Jack Liebau, one of its members. Additionally, the Jockey Club has agreed to conduct a hearing into the fraudulent registration of four Palomino Thoroughbreds.