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  • Iowa Court Upholds Ruling That Tracks Unfairly Taxed

    The Iowa Supreme Court said Aug. 6 it would not revisit its ruling that the state's three racetrack casinos are unjustly taxed. The chance remains the state, in need of revenue, could appeal.

  • Ruling Worth $17M to Prairie Meadows in 2002

    Prairie Meadows stands to save $17 million in gaming tax payments this year and $23 million by 2004 after the Iowa Supreme Court ruled June 12 that it was unconstitutional to charge a higher tax rate for slot machines at racetracks than those on riverboats.

  • Iowa Court: Racetrack Casino Tax Isn't Equitable

    The pari-mutuel industry in Iowa got a major boost June 12 when state Supreme Court justices ruled they could "find no rational reason for treating racetrack slot machines differently than riverboat slot machines." Racetracks currently pay a 32% tax, while the riverboats pay 20%.