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    BC Scraps Marathon, Alters Nomination Fees

    Breeders' Cup said April 25 it has scrapped the Breeders' Cup Marathon and has made changes to its foal nomination program, including a 20% drops in the fee charged to register North American foals between Aug. 1 and Oct. 15.

  • BC Plan Draws Mixed Reaction From EBF

    The European Breeders' Fund had a mixed reaction to the new nomination structure for Breeders' Cup, saying it acknowledges "with regret" termination of cross-registration agreement that has been in place since 1995.

  • Breeders Nominate Record Number to BC Program

    Thoroughbred breeders worldwide saved nearly $1 million and nominated a record 9,630 foals to the Breeders' Cup program before Aug. 1 as part of an incentive program that exceeded expectations, Breeders' Cup officials announced Aug. 4.

  • Breeders' Cup Offers 'Stimulus Plan'

    Breeders' Cup is offering a $100 discount off the standard $500 nomination fee for all foals nominated to the Breeders' Cup program electronically by the close of business Aug. 1, the organization announced April 7.

  • Breeders' Cup Reverses; Will Fund Stakes

    Five days after it announced it was suspending its North American Stakes program, Breeders' Cup apparently has reversed itself and decided to fund the program for 2009, according to two members of its board.

  • Breeders' Cup Foal Nominations Decrease

    Breeders' Cup Ltd. said 13,846 foals were nominated to the Breeders' Cup program in 2002, an 8.3% decrease in nominated foals from 2001.

  • MRLS Impact Continues as Breeders' Cup Nominations Fall

    The number of 2002 foals nominated to the Breeders' Cup program is down 8% from last year, largely due to mare reproductive loss syndrome, which resulted in the loss of nearly 20% of the pregnancies of Kentucky-based mares when it swept through the region in the spring of 2001.

  • Breeders' Cup 2000 Foal Nominations Set Record

    Breeders' Cup had a record number of foal nominations and revenue from them in 2000, officials announced Wednesday. In all, 15,760 foals were nominated to the Breeders' Cup program in 2000. In 1999, the previous high of 15,191 was recorded. Total revenue generated by the 2000 crop was $7.88 million.