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  • Racetrack Vets Could Form Own Organization

    As the National Thoroughbred Racing Association Racing Integrity and Drug Testing Task Force prepared for its March 12 meeting, some racetrack veterinarians moved closer to forming their own organization.

  • Furosemide a Priority, But Council Bogs Down

    Kentucky's Equine Drug Council has identified research into furosemide (Salix) use and quantification as the top priority for 2002, but the council on Wednesday decided proposed research projects and its budget for next year required further review.

  • Kentucky Vets Make Case to Commission

    Veterinarians have asked the Kentucky Racing Commission to consider changes in regulations that govern use of naso-gastric tubes and the administration of Salix, the diuretic formerly known as Lasix. The practitioners, a few of whom spoke during a commission meeting Tuesday morning at Churchill Downs, said they want to protect the health of horses as well as their ability to do their jobs.