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  • Golden Soul

    Haskin: Farther the Better For Golden Soul

    When you get right down to it, the Belmont Stakes is all about stamina; horses running a distance they likely will never run again. You can throw out speed figures and any other handicapping tool you use.

  • Ruler On Ice wins the 2011 Belmont Stakes.

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    Mr. Prospector's Dominance in the Belmont

    MAHUBAH'S CORNER<br />In no race is the blend of speed with stamina more important than in the Belmont. Mr. Prospector contributed the right stuff to produce descendants capable of dominating the 'Test of the Champion'.

  • Commentary: Distance Dilemma

    <i>By Clay S. Robinson</i> - What the breed needs is a series of big money stakes on dirt over a longer distance of ground.