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Study: Boots, Wraps Increase Leg Heat During Exercise

Tendon boots help protect horses’ front legs from injuries such as hoof strikes or collisions with jumps. Wraps protect this sensitive area during travel or flat work. But Austrian researchers have determined that boots and wraps have definite effects on skin and tendon temperature as well—and those effects are probably not without health cons...

Inside Yearling Sales Prep: Behavior

Inside Yearling Sales Prep: Behavior

Glenye Cain Oakford goes behind the scenes of yearling prep. Behavior counts, whether you are looking to increase a young horse's tractability or to subtly improve his or her performance in front of prospective buyers. This video covers options such as round pen work to improve the human-horse interaction and also offers a few cues that can make for a smoother presentation of the yearling to prospective buyers at the farm or on the sale grounds. Brought to you by ADM Alliance Nutrition View more videos from the Inside Yearling Prep series.

Study: Vets Disagree on Equine Neurologic Assessments

Is that horse lame, or is he exhibiting neurologic signs such as ataxia (incoordination)? For some horse owners, answering this question can be difficult. Recent study results suggest, however, that owners aren't the only ones that find it challenging to evaluate a possibly ataxic horse: Researchers determined that equine health experts have difficult...

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