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THS: Santa Anita Derby 2012

THS: Santa Anita Derby 2012

Jason Shandler and Tom LaMarra handicap the Santa Anita Derby and Wood Memorial this week. Sponsored by TVGDownload Brisnet Past Performances for the Santa Anita Derby and the Wood Memorial.

UK Researcher Studying "Easy-Keeper" Horses

Equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) is a devastating disease characterized by the three main features of obesity (cresty neck and fat deposits are characteristic), insulin resistance, and laminitis. Certain breeds or individual horses and more than often middle-aged horses are predisposed to EMS, and are often referred to as "easy keepers."

Restricted Equine Diets and Wood Shaving Consumption

Obesity among equines seems to be a ubiquitous problem that leaves many owners seeking a weight loss program for their horse or pony. When it comes to devising a weight loss program, some caretakers turn to restricting the animal's caloric intake; however, one research team found that it's important to consider all possible materials that might be...

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