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The Equitarians' Vision for 2011 and the Future (AAEP 2010)

More than 100 million horses, donkeys, and mules around the world spend their days working for a living: not necessarily working on their sliding stops, tempi changes, or jumping technique, but working to provide their human families with a means of transportation and a source of livelihood. These equids represent not only the family horse but also an ani...

Foot Lameness Table Topic (AAEP 2010)

A mix of veterinarians and farriers discussed ringbone-related (a degenerative disease of the pastern and coffin joints) lameness and using MRI to better diagnosis foot lameness at a Table Topic discussion on foot lameness conducted at the 2010 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention, held Dec. 4-8 in Baltimore, Md.

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