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THS: Sam F. Davis Stakes

THS: Sam F. Davis Stakes

Jason, Tom, and Tim Holland of brisnet/ preview the Sam F. Davis Stakes (gr. III) on February 13 at Tampa Bay Downs. Plus, picks for the Robert B. Lewis Stakes. Download Brisnet Past Performances for the Sam F. Davis.

Arthrodesis of the Hock Joint

Osteoarthritis of the distal (lower) hock joints (bone spavin) is a common performance problem in sport horses. At the 2009 American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) convention, held Dec. 5-9 in Las Vegas, Nev., Chris Bell, DVM, discussed fusion of the tarsometarsal (TMT) joint by injection with ethyl alcohol.

Hay Quality (Book Excerpt)

Much of the assessment of the quality of your hay can be done the old-fashioned way: Break open a bale and scratch n' sniff! Good quality hay should be green rather than yellow or brown. (Keep in mind that some hays, particularly some varieties of clover, can cure to quite a dark color, and that this is not necessarily an indicator of mold growth.) It...

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