Headlines for Friday, October 8, 2010

  • Bo Derek

    Four Appointees Confirmed to CHRB

    The California state Senate Oct. 7 confirmed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's appointment of chairman Keith Brackpool and actress Bo Derek and to the California Horse Racing Board.

  • Downey: Dixiana A Tough Nut to Crack

    This large field could produce some surprises, but then again, how surprised could we be at anything that happens when there are six horses with morning lines between 4-1 and 8-1?

  • Researchers: Selenium's Value is in the Sperm, Not the Blood

    The trace element selenium appears to reinforce sperm quality and thus maintain a stallion's fertility. When selenium is lacking, motility drops, sperm membranes break down, and the sperm's acrosome (which covers the head) can deform. But according to a new study by German scientists, feeding your stallion more selenium won’t necessarily imp...