Headlines for Tuesday, January 23, 2001

  • Safety First: Churchill Replaces Inner Rail

    Fans attending upcoming Spring Meet races at Churchill Downs may not immediately notice a change, but the jockeys and horses that compete on the historic track will significantly benefit from a new safety rail that is currently being installed along the inside portion of the one-mile dirt oval.

  • Flehmen Response in Horses

    Most of us, at one time or another, have seen a horse tilt up his head and curl his upper lip in a "horse laugh." Although the expression is amusing, it actually has a practical purpose.

  • Let's Get Specific

    <i>By Kent H. Stirling</i> -- This game is "not being conducted on a level playing field, and hasn't been for years."..."I've also seen trainers practically disappear off the face of the earth after the test for clenbuterol was developed."..."Our sport is policed by a bunch of buffoons."

  • Ray Paulick&lt;br&gt;Editor in Chief

    The Importance of TVG

    <i>By Ray Paulick</i> -- Without question, the TV Games Network has fallen short of the mark in its first 18 months of existence.