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Countdown to the Cup: Post Position Perils

Countdown to the Cup: Post Position Perils

By Steve Haskin -- So, now we have post positions. Who escaped unscathed, who got lucky, and who fell victim to those agonizing little pills? Of course, post positions often wind up having little effect on a horse's performance, but they do have a tendency to alter the running of a race and change strategy.

Instant Racing Clears Hurdle, Ready For Market

The principle owners of "Instant Racing" are ready to aggressively market their product to racetracks in other states and countries now that a deadline that challenged the legality of the game in Arkansas has passed.

NTRA Plans 'Challenge Cup' Tied to Breeders' Cup

A plan is in the works to link various state-bred championship days in a National Thoroughbred Racing Association promotional campaign, but the idea for a "Challenge Cup" tied to the Breeders' Cup could be a harder sell.

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