Liz Brown

  • Cold Weather Horse Care Review

    Winter has an icy grip on most of the United States, and with even sunny Florida facing record freezing temperatures, horse owners across the country need to keep a close eye on their herds to prevent cold-weather related ailments.

  • Abandoned Horse Finds Permanent Home

    A 6-year-old Thoroughbred that was abandoned with a gaping wound in his head has recovered from his injury and found a permanent home at Equine Voices Rescue in Green Valley, Ariz.

  • Iris Scan Horse Identification in the Works

    <P>A new tool that will allow horses to be identified quickly via an iris scan should be available next year, said the company pioneering it. <P>"We plan to develop this technology to identify horses," said Bobby Varma, director of business development for Sarnoff Corporation. <P>Sarnoff was commissioned to build the scanner by Global Animal Managemen...

  • Drought Burdens Texas Horse Rescues

    <P>Texas' worst drought in 50 years has burnt up pasture and raised the price of hay, leaving horse rescues to cope with an increase in abandonment and neglect cases as owners struggle to feed their horses. <P>"The cost of hay is going up, if you can even find it," said Jennifer Williams, PhD, president and executive director of Texas' Bluebonnet Equine...

  • Horses Evacuated from British Columbia Fires

    <P>Most horses are now safe from forest fires that have been burning west of Kelowna, British Columbia, thanks to the efforts of the Kelowna SPCA, the B.C. Interior Horse Rescue, and the Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team. <P>The fires drove more than 11,000 people from their homes over the weekend, while several thousand more remain on evacuation a...