Claiborne Farm Announces 2009 Stud Fees
by Blood-Horse Staff
Date Posted: 10/10/2008 11:11:38 AM
Last Updated: 10/12/2008 4:01:17 PM

Pulpit's stud fee will stay the same for 2009.
Photo: Courtesy Claiborne Farm

Claiborne Farm has announced some of its stud fees for the upcoming 2009 breeding season, which will be payable when the foal stands and nurses.

Some of the stud fees were lowered in the wake of current economic situations, said farm spokesman Bernie Sams in a news release. “This is certainly not a reflection on these young stallions,” he said. “I have great confidence in them – they have been very well received and have positive sales results. The fees were lowered in an effort to give breeders added value in the face of uncertain market conditions. “

Here are the announced stud fees for 2009, with 2008 fee, if applicable, in parentheses:

Arch  , $25,000 (same); During  , $5,000 (same); Eddington, $15,000 ($20,000); First Samurai, $30,000 ($40,000); Flatter  , $5,000 (same); Horse Chestnut, to be announced ($5,000); Horse Greeley  , $7,500 (2009 is first year at stud); Out of Place, $5,000 ($7,500); Political Force, $12,500 ($15,000); Pulpit, $80,000 (same); Seeking the Gold, to be announced ($125,000); Strong Hope, $15,000 ($30,000); War Front, $12,500 (same).

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