New Jersey Breeders Schedule Stallion Season Auction

Thoroughbred Breeders' Association of New Jersey stallion season auction Jan. 20-22.

The Thoroughbred Breeders' Association of New Jersey (TBANJ) 2017 stallion season auction begins Friday, January 20 and runs through Sunday, January 22. There are currently 48 available seasons for stallions standing in New Jersey, Kentucky, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York. Additional seasons will be added until the auction begins January 20.

The auction will be held online through the Starquine bidding platform at  All participants must be registered with Starquine prior to bidding.   Please click here if you are not registered.

Starquine is very simple to use and all participants should familiarize themselves with the website. One of the features on Starquine is their automatic bidding process which allows participants to enter the maximum amount they are willing to pay for a season. Starquine will keep bidding for you until the bidding reaches your maximum amount, or you are the high bidder.

Click here to view the auction page and take a look at the available seasons. Each season's conditions will be posted as part of their auction page on Starquine.

All of the proceeds from the auction will be designated to the TBANJ for use in promoting the Thoroughbred breeding industry in New Jersey.

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