Equestricon is a horseracing convention to be held in 2017

Equestricon is a horseracing convention to be held in 2017

Racing Convention Set for Saratoga in 2017

The event, called Equestricon, is designed to increase engagement in horse racing.

What is being called the first international horseracing convention and trade show has been scheduled for August 2017 in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., event organizers announced Sept. 2.

"Equestricon" is designed to bring bring together racing fans, horseplayers, and stakeholders throughout the sport in an atmosphere of non-stop entertainment and lively discussion, organizers said in a release. The event, scheduled for Aug. 13-15, will be held at the Saratoga Springs City Center.

"Above all else, we are focused on one thing: the racing fan," said Dan Tordjman, co-founder of Equestricon and a correspondent for America's Best Racing. "Equestricon is committed to creating an extremely fun and unprecedented outlet for any and all racing enthusiasts to engage with the sport like never before."

The preliminary schedule for Equestricon 2017 includes a racing arcade, live music, around-the-clock autograph signings, meet-and-greets with current and past racing stars, a social media lounge, bars, a fashion showcase, product and technology demonstrations, rows of exhibitor booths and more.

There will feature two-way panel discussions, breakout sessions, and town halls designed to enhance engagement between invited guest speakers and attendees. A small sampling of discussion topics includes racing photography, handicapping, aftercare, technological innovations, social media, marketing in racing, ownership, and breeding.

Others spearheading Equestricon are horse owners and breeders Kathryn Sharp and Justin Nicholson. Sharp and Nicholson founded the highly successful Ninety North Racing partnership in the spirit of attracting new owners to the sport of racing.

"On a grand scale, we're building the foundation upon which the industry can unite, meet face-to-face with its fans and end-users, and present the sport of racing as a cohesive entertainment industry," Sharp said. "Long-term, we envision Equestricon becoming the ultimate showcase for--and celebration of--advances in the areas of aftercare, technology, marketing, fan development, and more."

The Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance will be the official charity partner of Equestricon.

"We are extremely honored to team up with Equestricon for this historic event," TAA operations consultant Stacie Clark Rogers said. "In forging such a significant immediate partnership, Equestricon is making a bold statement about its core values and the essential role of aftercare in racing today."

Saratoga Springs mayor Joanne Yepsen, who attended the Sept. 2 press conference, said the city is the ideal location for the event. "We are confident that Equestricon will bring together local businesses, our residents, and the larger racing community," she said.