Louisiana Trainer Pennino Dies at 96

Pennino, who trained horses from his Louisiana base, died Aug. 17.

Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders' Association president Tom Early reported that 96-year-old trainer Joe Pennino of Covington, La., died Aug. 17. He was still active at the time of his death.

Early recalled seeing Pennino a couple years ago throwing hay on a trailer his son was driving. Pennino's active life in his mid-90s amazed Early.

Born in 1920 in New Orleans, Pennino, a son of Sicilian immigrants, began riding horses at a young age and when he became too heavy to pursue a riding career, he became a jockey's agent and then eventually a trainer.

Pennino served in the Army in World War II and also worked as a Louisiana State Trooper. A widower, Pennino had five children including his son Frank Pennino, who also owns and trains horses.