Riders Injured, Horses Dead After Spill

Four jockeys were hospitalized and three horses humanely destroyed in the aftermath of a spill involving eight horses during the running of the Ipswich Cup (Aus-III) Saturday in Australia, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The newspaper reports the pile-up occurred when Mushtak broke down while running in second place, throwing jockey Justin Sheehan to the ground. (More, Sydney Morning Herald)

The Morning Herald also has a first-hand account by jockey Darren Beadman whose mount, Aggie's Heart, was involved in the spill. (More, Beadman's story)

Earlier on the card in the Eye Liner Stakes, jockey Gary Doughty was seriously injured in another spill and regained consciousness without sight in his right eye, according to a separate report. (More, Doughty)