Niall Brennan

Niall Brennan

Anne M.Eberhardt

Consignors Officially Form National Organization

In a follow-up to their initial meeting Aug. 24, consignors who participate in 2-year-old in training sales announced Thursday evening a new organization called the "National Association of Two-Year-Old Consignors."

At a meeting in Ocala, Fla., a 17-member steering committee discussed a number of ideas and issues pertaining to the 2-year-old sales and selected the name for the organization in a closed-door session prior to an open question-and-answer forum.

About 100 consignors were on hand to discuss buyers' perception problems, drug testing, therapeutic medication as opposed to performance-enhancing drugs, the effectiveness of repositories, the addition of warranties in the 2-year-old market, the use of whips, and pre-sale under-tack show formats.

"We have a lot of positive momentum, and we're just becoming organized," said Niall Brennan, who operates Niall Brennan Stables in Ocala. "We need to have a representative body that emphasizes positive news and results."

Different ways to expand the buyer base were discussed by the consignors.

"We need to implement a system to collect and collate information from the buyers on how we can improve our program," Jim Gladwell said. "We need to attract new buyers and identify existing problems in order to correct them, and encourage buyers to come back."

The leading 200 buyers in the country will be polled through a survey in an effort to improve the perception of 2-year-old in training sales.

Funding mechanisms for the organization include a pledge of $1,000 from each of the 17 members of the steering committee. Membership fees for consignors are $100, and donations of any amount will be accepted. The organization intends to solicit support from corporate sponsors and various associations in the Thoroughbred industry.