Jockey Club, Breeders' Cup Offer Cross Nomination System

The Jockey Club has added a link from its Live Foal Report to the Breeders' Cup's foal nomination form on its Website at Breeders' Cup foal nominations are due Oct. 16. Breeders who have not completed the Live Foal Report and will be doing so electronically can use the link to nominate foals to the Breeders' Cup. By clicking on the link from the Live Foal Report, breeders will be able to complete and submit the Breeders' Cup nomination form, which will already include pre-printed information taken from the Live Foal Report.

"Partnering with The Jockey Club to cross promote our interactive nomination form on Jockey Club Interactive has provided a convenient way for owners and breeders to nominate foals to the Breeders' Cup at the same time they're continuing the registration process for those foals," said Damon Thayer, Breeders' Cup director of marketing.

In addition to the joint nomination venture with Breeders' Cup, The Jockey Club is planning similar programs involving the individual state breeders associations.

"I can envision a time in the near future when breeders will be able to log onto Jockey Club Interactive and, in addition to nominating their foals to the Breeders' Cup, be able to fulfill the requirements necessary for eligibility to their state breeders program," said Jockey Club executive director Gary Carpenter. "This has the potential to really simplify the many clerical tasks performed by breeders to make their foals eligible to all the various state and national programs."