Positive Drug Test Led to Dutrow's License Decision

Trainer Richard Dutrow Jr. said he turned in his license to the New York State Racing and Wagering Board because he had tested positive for marijuana.

Dutrow, 41, was ranked third in New York in victories this year with 51 when he voluntarily surrendered his license on Sept. 25. While he is away from the track, Dutrow's horses are being handled by trainer Cleveland Johnson.

In an interview with the New York Post, Dutrow said he was tested by the racing and wagering board after receiving a ticket for speeding while driving to Saratoga Springs. Dutrow said he was notified in mid-September that the test showed a trace of marijuana in his system.

"I gave the license up. It was either that or face a suspension," Dutrow told the Post. "They basically told me they're not going to consider giving the license back until I test clean. I haven't smoked since. As soon as it comes out of my system, I'm going to be knocking on their door looking to be tested again."

Racing and Wagering Board spokeswoman Stacy Walker said there have been no other rulings against Dutrow. When he decides to return, Dutrow will have to fill out another application and go through the standard review.

Dutrow said his clients are sticking with him. Owner Sanford Goldfarb encouraged Dutrow to go public with his story and end the rumors about why he walked away from his business.

"He's got no drug problem," Goldfarb reportedly told the Post. "It was just stupidity."