LA Times: Few Details Released About Antley Arrest

Chris Antley and a friend were arrested in September after a drug-related incident at the late jockey's southern California home, but no charges were filed against the two, according to the Los Angeles Times. The newspaper reported Wednesday that Antley 34, and Timothy Tyler, 24, were arrested Sept. 24.

The Times reported that police went to Antley's home to check on him after his wife, Natalie, and friends were unable to reach him. Natalie Antley was in New York at the time. The Times reported that the drug methamphetamine was found on the premises, but that Antley was not charged because of an "inadmissible search and seizure," according to the district attorney's records. The newspaper reported police would not release further details of the incident at Antley's home.

Tyler was charged with a misdemeanor relating to his probation from another case, the newspaper reported. Tyler did not appear for a court date and a warrant issued for his arrest was served on him early Sunday as police investigated Antley's death. Antley was found dead late Saturday by his brother and a friend. He had a massive blow to the head and the death is being investigated as a homicide.

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