NTRA Mobile Will Market to College Students

Edited NTRA press release
The National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) has announced that, starting in mid-January, the NTRA Racing Experience, an interactive mobile marketing exhibit that brings racing to the fans in an area measuring 60 feet long and 12.5 feet high, will tour several college campuses from coast to coast as part of the Sports Illustrated Campus Fest.

The largest touring event in the history of college marketing, the Sports Illustrated Campus Fest is a 25,000 square-foot attraction that offers fun, prizes and sweepstakes to all who visit its central, high traffic campus locations. It is staffed by a minimum of 25 young, professional models who are specifically trained in college event marketing. Stops are selected based on a variety of factors including school size and on-campus location. In addition to its on-campus stops, the Sports Illustrated Campus Fest will also make a 10-day stop in Panama City, Fla., for Spring Break 2001.

"The Sports Illustrated Campus Fest(r) represents a unique opportunity for us to expose racing to a sports-oriented demographic that, on average, is far younger than that at most racetracks or industry events," said Keith Chamblin, the NTRA's vice president-industry relations and marketing. "The NTRA Racing Experience welcomed more than 100,000 people on board in 2000 and we look forward to Campus Fest as an important component of the truck's extensive 2001 schedule."

The complete list of stops the NTRA Racing Experience will be making as part of the Sports Illustrated Campus Fest is as follows (Date, University, Enrollment, Market Area):

Feb. 14-15, Cal-Polytechnic, 19,000, San Bernadino, Calif.
Feb. 21-22, U.C.-Irvine, 31,000, Los Angeles, Calif.
March 5-16, Spring Break, (N/A), Panama City, Fla.
March 28-29, University of North Florida, 11,500, Jacksonville, Fla.
April 18-19, Montclair State University, 13,000, Newark, N.J.