Sellers Returning to Gulfstream--To Sing, Not Ride

Shane Sellers, leading rider at Gulfstream Park in 1997, returns to the south Florida oval Feb. 4 in an entirely different capacity. This time, Sellers will be performing songs from his first country recording, "God's Favorite Angel," prior to a concert by Stephen Bishop. Sellers will perform at approximately 2:10 p.m. (EST).

"Shane is really looking forward to coming back to Gulfstream," said Andre Menzies, Sellers' production manager.

Sellers, who entertained race fans and south Floridians at karaoke events in the mid-1990s, put together his recording in Nashville, using studio musicians.

Menzies said the record was inspired by a girl who was a victim of a drunken driver. "The songs are butt-kicking country, very passionate and heart-felt," Menzies said. "Shane believes in the music."

Sellers, 34, has ridden more than 3,500 winners. He is presently recovering from knee surgery performed last month.