Texas Owners and Breeders Honored

While their governor was being sworn in as president of the United States, Texas Thoroughbred owners and breeders were electing new officers and handing out awards at their annual get-together and dinner in Austin.

Dr. Charles Graham, simply known as Dr. Charlie, received the top award Saturday night, the T.I. (Pops) Harkins Award for lifetime achievement. Graham earned his veterinary degree in 1960 and has been breeding horses, standing stallions, and working to improve the industry in his native state ever since.

The Joseph R. Strauss Jr. award, for recruiting the most new members to the Texas Thoroughbred Association, and the Allen Bogan Award, formerly the member of the year, were both awarded to Dr. Jim Ward. Ward, a veterinarian, was elected the new president of the organization. The breeder of the year was E.C. Johnston Jr., who bred the honored Horse of the Year, Gold Nugget.

At the association's elections, James Helzer was voted first vice president, Larry Smith second vice president, Sue Cook secretary, and Fred Currie treasurer. Two new members of the executive committee are Leland Ackerley and John Adger.