Wins License Approval in Oregon

The Oregon Racing Commission has approved a license application by to operate in the state, but it could take some time before the Ohio-based service moves to the West Coast. and the affiliated Ohio Telephone Accounting Betting (Ohio TAB) are owned primarily by Beulah Park and River Downs, two Ohio racetracks.

"We're not in a position to open up (in Oregon) tomorrow," Beulah Park general manager Mike Weiss said.

The Oregon commission approved the license request during a meeting Feb. 15. Other entities that operate wagering hubs in Oregon are NTRA Services, which facilitates wagering for the TV Games Network, and US Off-Track, which is operated by The Greyhound Channel. The "multi-jurisdictional simulcasting and interactive wagering" hubs allow operators to return revenue to their respective industries.

"Basically (this move) would allow us to offer tracks source-market fees," Weiss said. "One of the problems we've run into in Ohio is there's nothing left (of the pie) to pay source-market fees."

Ohio's attorney general has sought to terminate, but a court ruling allowed the service to continue.