Digital Photo Capability Added to Jockey Club Site

From The Jockey Club
The Jockey Club announced Friday that owners and breeders can now complete the entire Thoroughbred registration process, except for the DNA/blood-typing kit, over the Internet
following the integration of digital photo capabilities into Jockey Club Interactive, the registry's Website.

Jockey Club executive vice president and executive director Gary Carpenter called the ability to submit digital photos via Jockey Club Interactive another example of utilizing the latest technology for the benefit of all owners and breeders.

"In just a few short years, we've been able to convert the entire registration process, outside the genetic typing kit, to the Internet for those owners and breeders who want to take advantage of the medium's simplicity and efficiency," he said. "Although we're probably a little ahead of the curve with this newest enhancement, we expect more and more owners and breeders to take advantage of this service as digital photo technology matures."

As a requirement for registration, owners and breeders must submit with their registration application four color photos of the foal which clearly show the color and markings (or lack of markings) on the head, legs and body. These photos are taken from the front, rear and both sides of the foal.

More than 9,500 owners and breeders use Jockey Club Interactive to submit foal registration requirements and other documents to the registry. Owners and breeders can sign up for and access the free service through the "Interactive Registry" icon on The Jockey Club home page, located at