Jockey Club Adds Australian Information to Database

The Jockey Club Information Systems announced the integration of Australian pedigree and performance information into its global database.

TJCIS president Carl Hamilton said the trans-hemispheric data provides customers with more comprehensive catalogue-style pedigrees and race records, as well as a more accurate account of the racing performance of the progeny of shuttle stallions.

"Australia is the world's second largest producer of registered Thoroughbred foals and its emergence as a primary destination for Northern Hemisphere stallions is further evidence of our industry's evolvement into a truly global marketplace," he said. "Bridging this important Thoroughbred information gap also allows us to provide a more complete assessment of the progeny of shuttle stallions to Australia for our and Equine Line 2000 customers."

In addition to Australia, the international database includes detailed pedigree and racing information from North America, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.