Two Clovelly Barns Burn, No Horses Hurt

A fire Tuesday claimed two barns at Clovelly Farm, but no horses. A farm employee said the fire started around 12:15 p.m. at the farm's Hughes Lane location in Fayette County, Ky., and burned actively until around 4 p.m. A maintenance barn and a hay barn located behind it were destroyed. The employee said at no time were any horses threatened by the fire. Also lost: a new horse van, a bedding truck, a muck truck, a skid loader, and a general loader. One of the buildings was insured.

Lieutenant Gary Ward with the Lexington fire department said the New Holland skid loader in the shed appears to have caused the fire. "I was unable to pinpoint an exact location," he said. "The only thing in there was that New Holland loader." Ward said farm employees had used the machine just prior to the fire started. Ward said he thinks a mechanical malfunction somehow ignited and started the blaze.

Robin Scully, a resident of England, owns the farm. Jeff Ownby manages the property.