Injured Jockey Noll Vows to Return

From Oaklawn Park
Jockey Cindy Noll, injured in a training mishap Saturday morning behind the starting gate at Oaklawn Park, was all smiles early Sunday at St. Joseph's Regional Health Center.

"I'll be back, I just don't know when," she said. "It'll be six to eight weeks before my fractures will be healed."

Noll sustained six fractures, some of them hairline, in her pelvis when a horse flipped over and landed on her while she was waiting to school in the starting gate.

In addition to the broken pelvis, she fractured four ribs and dislocated two fingers on her right hand.

She didn't have to undergo surgery but did have to have the fingers put back in place and her hand sewn back together.

"I don't have much pain today, other than my ribs," she said. "I don't like pain medicine, so I'm trying to go without today."

"Of course I got a call from my mother suggesting I find another line of work," said Noll, the mother of two children.

Noll is currently in sixth place with 13 wins at the meet. Last year she was the second leading female rider in the nation with 158 victories.