Seabiscuit Tops Another List

from the NTRA Thoroughbred Notebook

The great racehorse Seabiscuit took America by storm in the late 1930s. Now he has won a race of a different kind with the announcement that the book written about his career, "Seabiscuit: An American Legend," by Laura Hillenbrand, will occupy the top spot on the April 8 New York Times bestseller list for non-fiction after just three weeks in the nation's bookstores.

"We cannot think of another book, certainly in recent memory, that has exploded out of the gate the way 'Seabiscuit' has," said Sally Marvin, associate director of publicity for Random House, the book's publisher.

"To have a number one New York Times bestseller after just three weeks on sale is like winning the Triple Crown."

Last week, "Seabiscuit" debuted on the prestigious New York Times list at number eight. This week (April 1), it moved to the number two slot, behind Bill O'Reilly's "The O'Reilly Factor" and just ahead of Mitch Albom's "Tuesdays With Morrie."

"Seabiscuit" is believed to be the first sports-related book to reach number one on the Times hardcover non-fiction list since "Into Thin Air," a 1997 account by Jon Krakauer of a catastrophic expedition up Mount Everest.