Reflections From Winning Kentucky Derby Owner

From Churchill Downs

John Oxley, Owner
"This has been the most incredible experience of our lives, since our wonderful marriage together. I'm so proud of John Ward. We've been together 21 years and today was the culmination of a fabulous, hard-working career for a dedicated horseman. And Jorge Chavez was ready for this win. He was ready to deliver the perfect ride and he did."

"Well today is the culmination and the reward of the plan in place and it all began to happen in 1995 when we had those two horses in the Derby. It was thrilling, exciting, and Derby fever just took over early with Debbie and I. We had a wonderful time and we enjoyed it so much that we promised to return, so we began the program in which we began to buy colts with the pedigree and the looks to be able to get us to the Kentucky Derby."

"I've been around John twenty-some years and I've never seen him so confident on a day-to-day, weekly basis ever since the maiden win in January. He trained the horse forward and that moved us forward in confidence with John and the horse. The target, the goal was today and John was confident throughout the trip."

"Nothing could be more exciting, more incredible, more thrilling, more ashtonishing, more unbelievable than today. Each one of those milestones in your life where at that time, seemingly the most exciting, the most important, and thrilling day with your spouse, but there's nothing like winning the Kentucky Derby."