Foal Loss Reported in Simpsonville, Near Louisville

By Sarah E. Hogwood
Simpsonville, Ky., is experiencing the same problems that are plaguing horse breeders in Lexington, according to William Rhoads, DVM, and Scott Bennett, DVM, of Equine Services Hospital. Both equine practitioners said that some farms are having 80-90% loss of foals. The clinic has been dealing with a number of sick foals and abortions from all breeds of horses. Bennett said that most of the problems have either included a red bag delivery, oxygen depletion, and a lack of glucose in the foal's system. He said they have been able to help many of the sick foals. Luckily they have not seen any early term losses yet.

Bennett has been performing additional ultrasounds to check for any placental abnormalities or early cervical dilation for those concerned owners. In addition, he has also done some hormonal assays. Bennett has used progesterone and Regumate to help any problems that are discovered and antibiotics to prevent placentitis. Domperidone is also being used. All dead foals are being submitted to the Kentucky Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center in Lexington. Simpsonville is about an hour west of Lexington.

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